Noveth 'Nova' Callerion

Flirty, fun, and famous.


From a young age, Nova wanted to be a star – she found that she was good at pretending, and stuck with it. With her drop-dead-gorgeous looks, she went on to overcome the Miralukan stigma of beauty and became an intergalactic vidstar at the tender age of 16. Since then she has been in countless productions, until she was recognized for other talents she posessed and was picked up by a different sort of agent.

Now, despite her new position, she still finds time to star in the occasional holovid, and always is dressed in some sort of lavish gown, dress, or skirt combination, in various degrees of risque, but always in a high degree of fashion. Her hair currently is purple and short, always styled, and her makeup is always immaculate. At 5’4", she’s extremely well built for her size and weight, being blessed with many gifts in addition to a fit physique.

Over her eyes typically rests a soft silicone mask, embedded with numerous LEDs that change color according to her mood – she occasionally will change the mask out for something more ‘fashion forward’, but is never seen without a facial covering of some sort.

Noveth 'Nova' Callerion

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